All the make-up removal tricks

From the variety of products offered for skin care, how do you know how to choose the make-up removal product the suits you best?

Anyone who wears make-up already knows that it is necessary to remove make-up on daily basis. Nothing damages the face skin more than going to bed wearing make-up, especially when one is wearing heavy make-up. Stavit Sabag, the Makeup Director at Careline, explains that “make-up removal and face cleansing are extremely important stages for healthy, beautiful and well maintained skin appearance. Makeup blocks the pores for long, and does not allow the fat secreted by our skin to come out, resulting in pimples and comedo (commonly called blackheads), eventually making the skin appear fatigue and unclean”.

If you want to apply night moisturizer on your face, then removal of makeup and face cleansing become even more important: “In order for the cream to be optimally absorbed, clean the skin of the face and remove any residue of makeup before applying the cream”.

Here is a short guide for all products that assist the removal of makeup:  

Light Makeup – wet wipes for makeup removal

Wet wipes are the quickest way to remove makeup and they are also very effective when you are away from home and need a fast, easy-to-use product. However, makeup removal wipes will be especially effective for those who wear light makeup. By the way, there are those who use wipes both for makeup removal and for refreshing – it is worth trying. You should choose soft wipes that are enriched with herbal extracts and minerals that soothe the skin and enrich it with moisture.

Light makeup through durable makeup – micellar cleansing water

So we talked about removing makeup and cleansing the face and the tight connection between them. Micellar cleansing water is the solution for those who already understand that these rituals are very important and wish to adopt one preparation that does everything. The micellar cleansing water removes any type of makeup: face (foundation, etc.), eyes (eye-shadows, etc.) and lips (lipstick, etc.). The Micellar Cleansing Water by Careline is alcohol or perfume free and it does not dehydrate the skin. The micellar cleansing water remove the makeup and cleanse the skin, all thanks to the fact that the water contain microscopic molecules that dissolve and capture the makeup, through which makeup can be removed efficiently and quickly, without the need to wash the face afterwards. Again, all in one action.  

Strenuous makeup: two-phase makeup remover

Those of us who wear full makeup, including foundation, powder, bronzer, concealer, eye-shadow, eyeliner, eye pencil, lip pencil and lipstick, should spend a little more time to properly remove their makeup, let alone when choosing durable makeup products that last for many hours but such that also weigh on the face skin and especially the eyes. A two-phase makeup remover is an effective makeup remover for you. The two-phase makeup remover is especially designed to remove eye makeup and is excellent because it dissolves the makeup well and quickly and leaves no feeling of dryness or skin irritation. The two-phase remover consists of two parts: the upper part contains fine silicones that dissolve the makeup and allow easy removal from the skin. The lower part contains water enriched with minerals and moisturizers, which soothe the skin after the removal of the makeup and therefore can definitely be used to remove the makeup of the entire face, not just the eyes.

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