Facial care guide at age 50

At the age of 50, the face skin undergoes changes and we must prepare for such changes accordingly. In honour of the sixth decade of middle life, we have gathered everything you need at this age to achieve a great appearance of your face skin

At the age of 50, the face skin undergoes changes and we must prepare for such changes accordingly. In honour of the sixth decade of middle life, we have gathered everything you need at this age to achieve a great appearance of your face skin

In the modern Western world, age 50 is considered the middle of life, give or take. At this age, most women still work, traverse challenges and break records in both their career and personal life. Some even make changes in direction around this age, in order to fulfil both new and old aspirations, to realize themselves and to use the free time that is made available, for instance – as a result of the children having grown up and left home.

But even the most energetic and happy woman will feel the marks of time on her face at the age of 50. The face skin becomes thinner and thinner, the skin loses moisture to the point of dryness and its marks are visible on the face and are expressed in inflexibility and discomfort. Further, the little wrinkles of the 40s become real wrinkles, the colour of the skin is greying, the overall appearance of the skin seems fatigue and sagging and in some areas there is a significant drop of the skin.

Stavit Sabag, the Makeup Director at Careline stresses that all the aforesaid occur in parallel with the physical changes of women aged 50: “As a result of the chronological age and the hormonal changes it brings with it, the body of the woman undergoes significant changes. The skin shows signs of age as it becomes less elastic, colorations appear on the face and on the hands (but not only there) and the fact that the thin wrinkles become real wrinkles that are impossible not to notice. All this happens because the skin absorption and regeneration system slows the pace of its activity and essential components that keep the young appearance diminish as a result of the age. At the same time, the skin cannot absorb the high levels of vitamins, minerals and moisture necessary to activate the mechanisms of regeneration and defence.

A new treatment protocol for the age of 50+

In the sixth decade of life, the level of Oestrogen decline in the body reaches a peak, resulting in a decrease in the production of proteins that are important for the skin texture and elasticity: collagen and elastin. The result is can be noticed on the texture of the skin, which loses its firmness mainly in the contours of the face. The skin ‘falls’ and looks slack.

Stavit Sabag says that the solution lies first and foremost in quality, rich and focused nourishment and moisturizing of the skin. At the age of 50+, it is necessary to make sure to choose rich textured creams that contain active ingredients intended for the treatment of adult skin. In order to increase the activity of the cream, make sure to clean the face with a special face wash suitable for the skin type, such that is able to cope with the dryness typical to the age of 50.

A careful nurturing routine in the sixth decade

No matter what you’ve been doing so far, at age 30 and even 40, if you’ve been skipping certain stages of your nurturing routine, then at age 50 it is time to practice each step without skipping any of them. Yes, it takes longer and requires extra effort but the results are worth it.

At the age of 50, you should begin applying a serum on the entire face, apply eye cream, day cream, sun protection and at night – replace the day cream with a high quality night cream. In addition, add a good face care mask to your routine and use it at least once a week.

The selected moisturizer for the age of 50 plus

Careline’s 55+ Day Cream is a multi-purpose moisturizer developed especially for mature skin that deals with signs of age and time. The moisturizer contains a high concentration of essential ingredients such as calcium, minerals, phytoestrogens, peptides and Shea butter, all which give the skin all the nourishment, strengthening and firming that it needs to keep it firm and smooth.

The cream provides an immediate solution for the needs of mature skin – it is rich in available calcium that is combined with a mineral complex of zinc and magnesium. The minerals strengthen the entire supporting system of the skin and allow it to function optimally. In addition, the cream contains a high level of effective moisturizing ingredients that nourish the skin with immediate moisture, such as Shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Unique peptides assist skin firming, refinement and prevention of wrinkles, plant-derived Isoflavones (phytoestrogens) which simulate the activity of the Oestrogens hormone (which drastically decreases after the age of 50), and assist in maintaining firmness and flexibility and prevent the looseness that characterises mature skin.

In addition to this, the cream formula contains SPF30 – a new generation of sunscreens that give the skin full protection against all types of radiation and meet the strict European standards.

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