Guide: skin care at age 40

Why age 40 is a turning point in the facial skin care routine and what can be done in this respect? Here is everything you need to know about skin care at age 40

Why age 40 is a turning point in the facial skin care routine and what can be done in this respect? Here is everything you need to know about skin care at age 40

Keren Ohayon

Our skin changes throughout the year but its turning point is around age 40. There are numerous main reasons for this, including gravity that reaches its peak around the fifth decade in life, and which brings changes in facial skin texture, its firmness, the beginning of the loosening of the face outlines, and mainly the neck and jaw.

Stavit Sabag, the Skin Care Director at Careline states “in addition to the natural changes in the face skin throughout the years, there are the external and environmental effects to the skin, including smoking, exposure to sun without using sunscreen, stress and other modes, all which contribute to early and expedited aging of the face skin”.

The natural biological changes apply to all of us, without exception, including all those who made sure – from her early ages – to nurture her skin. Today, she will find out that her skin is better but from now on she will be required to take more care of it. Those who have not been nurturing their skin before the age 40 will reveal that they really need to start doing that. And for all of you, here is the guide that will prepare you and your skin for the critical decade for your skin face – age 40.

Starting to use designated products that suit age 40

First and foremost is the choice of designated products that have been proven in the clinical tests and in the research labs of the company that produces them, as well as by consumers of such products. The Anti-Gravity product line by Careline was especially developed for female consumers at their 40s, who begin to notice the signs of age on their skin, and who search for products that focus on skin firmness, on improving skin elasticity, on refinement of the expression lines and on designing the jaw line.

And speaking of results proven by customers, it should be noted that the product line was awarded the “product of the year” award thanks to many women who graded their satisfaction of using the product at a high level.

Paying special attention to the eyes

The first area of the face where tiny wrinkles will appear is the area of the eyes. This happens due to the fact that the area of the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive area of the face since it contains the smallest amount of materials responsible for the skin elasticity (collagen and elastane). Therefore, it is prone to trouble more than any other area of the face and will always be the first area where the tiny wrinkles will appear.

Other reasons that will cause wrinkles, dark spots and bags underneath the eyes: lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet. These can give your eyes fatigue and loose appearance. In order to minimize the damages, it is feasible and even mandatory to constantly use eye cream and make sure to apply it both day and night.

Maintain even skin tone

Various phenomena begin to appear with age, amongst which is pigmentation. The spots and flaws that appear on the skin reflect the signs of time, the hormonal changes and the results of uncontrolled exposure to sun over the years.

What is done cannot be undone, but we can stop and delay the formation of new marks by starting to use sunscreen on daily basis, especially in the summer time, but also in the winter.

In addition, it is recommended to add to your skin care routine products that are specifically designed to fight pigmentation.

Add serum to your daily skin care routine

If at your 30s the use of serum is a nice addition to your skin care, at your 40s – the use of serum becomes mandatory. What is a serum? Serum is a product that increases the effectiveness of any moisturizer that is applied thereon, whether it is a day cream or a night cream. In addition, the very serum is intended for various purposes such as firming of the skin, dryness or clarifying of spots so that the benefit is doubled. Do not skip using it!

Nurturing the lips

Another phenomenon that occurs around the 40s: the lips start to have less volume and those who smoke (but not only those who smoke), will notice little wrinkles that begin to appear around the area of the lips.

This can be improved by regular application of designated moisturizing lipsticks, which are intended to repair the appearance of wrinkles around the lips and to moisturize and stimulate generation of collagen.

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