The guide to choosing a high quality Sun Protection Factor

The market offers a huge range of sun protection factors and our guide is intended to clarify and assist you in choosing the best product for you

Keren Ohayon

We all already know that sun protection factor is mandatory in the summer time, and in hot Israel, even during the other sunny seasons of the year. We have prepared for you, together with Stavit Sabag, the Skinguard brand manager, a simple and easy-to-adopt guide so you know how to choose a truly effective sun protection factor and how to use it wisely.

  • Going out to have fun in the sun

In contrast to the sun’s poor public relations, the rays of sun also contain significant health benefits such as vitamin D, which is responsible, among others, for good mood, where lack of it can be the reason for bad mood. Therefore, it is recommended to observe controlled exposure to the sun using the following rules: short time exposure, staying in a shady place, going out to the sun at less dangerous hours (before 10 am and after 4 pm), wearing a hat and wearing sunscreen.

Learn to read the fine print

Every company prides itself with different standards and you are already confused? Here is a short and simple explanation for all the combinations of letters that appear on the various products:

UVA – the long rays of the sun that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The damages of these rays can only be seen many years after exposure to sun.

UVB – redness, blisters, burns – all these are caused by the short rays of the sun that penetrate the upper layers of the skin and cause short-term damages.

SPF – the degree of radiation filtering. The number next to the letters indicates the amount of time during which the preparation works. Keep in mind that the skin begins to burn about 10 minutes after the beginning of exposure, and then any number indicated next to the letters should be multiplied by 10. That is, SPF30 corresponds to 300 minutes, 50 to 500 minutes and so on.


  • Quality product – your entire profit


The sun protection factor is like any other cosmetic product, and as such the general rule that it is necessary to choose a quality product applies to it too. As it is well known, a good product is not necessarily an expensive product!

It is important to choose a sun protection product from a brand that specializes in these types of products (such as Skinguard, of course), which corresponds with the standards of the Ministry of Health and supported with studies that prove the efficacy of the product. Skinguard products, for example, comply with the strict European standard of UVA BALANCE, and are recommended by the Israel Cancer Association.  

And another thing: expiration date of the product applies even in the case of a sun protection factor. As for any other cream, the sunscreen expiration date is valid as of its opening date, and therefore it is important to make sure that we do not use an already expired sun protection product from few years back.


  •  Choose the product that suits you personally


Apart from the fact that it is important that the sun protection product is hypoallergenic, parabens free, suitable for sensitive skin, and so forth, it is important to choose a preparation use of which is suitable to your habits and needs and such that you will find easy to remember to use.

A quick and effective protection product that lets you use it without dirtying your hands (for example, at the beach) is the transparent stick – the latest innovation by Skinguard brand. The product is also suitable for children, without fear that the cream will contact their eyes.

The new Skinguard stick is available with SPF50, it is suitable for all skin types, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, alcohol, paraben or perfume free, leaving no white marks and meets the stringent European UVA BALANCE standard.

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