The guide for night time skin care

Night time is a gift to the face: while you are asleep, the body systems are free to act calmly and your face skin can only benefit from it. Here are all the detail


Studies show that every woman needs 8 hours of continuous night sleep, among others, in order to keep healthy and fresh skin appearance. But truth be told, who can afford it? Science is working on researches and on finding solutions to fill the lack of these sleeping hours (which are called “beauty sleep”, for a good reason) and the new generation of night creams is definitely one of them.

While we are asleep – the body systems slow down and the main beneficiary of this is the skin. Understanding the processes that occur in the face skin in the wee hours of the night can be a real gift for us because all we have to do to get it is to apply a special night cream and go to bed.

The skin works according to the following principle: defensive during the day and regenerating during the night time. The body metabolism is faster at night than in the daytime, the muscles are loose during sleep and the body is busy rebuilding the daytime damage caused to the skin, all in order to prevent irreversible damage. During sleep we do not sweat (assuming that the temperature in the room is suitable for the weather) and therefore the night cream remains on the face undisturbed. Further, there is no radiation that forms free radicals and there is no disturbance of environmental factors such as smoking and air pollution. Add to this the fact that the body is resting and is therefore relaxed, and you will receive a line of ideal conditions for the quality and effective absorption of the cream.

“All the studies show that sleep is important for both body and skin health,” says Stavit Sabag, Skin Care Director at Careline. At night, during sleep, the body is fully rested. All body systems and energies are devoted to physiological processes such as metabolism, cell regeneration, etc. Sleep fills the body with new energies and the role of sleep waves is to repair the damages caused to the skin during daytime and slow the aging of the skin”.

Change the day cream with the night cream

Why do we actually need two separate creams for day and night? “Night time is the ideal time to nourish the face and body skin with rich active ingredients, which are not always suitable for day time, especially during the summer time” explains Stavit Sabag. “In addition, our day cream contains ingredients such as sun protection factor that is unnecessary to apply on the skin at night, when we do not need sun protection. Instead, it is better to choose a cream that contains designated active ingredients that are not suitable for daytime”.

Each woman and her night cream

At night it is recommended to choose a cream that is suitable for your skin type, designed to treat what bothers you the most: wrinkles reducing and firming of the skin, to treat increased dryness, reduction of marks already present on the skin and so on. In addition, at night it is highly recommended to add a serum, which will increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the night cream.

How do you use night cream?

  1. Choose a night cream that best suits your skin type. It is best to choose a cream whose texture is pleasant and such that is easily absorbed.
  2. Clean the face with the appropriate preparation for your skin and its condition.
  3. Apply a small portion of the cream on the entire face and then massage the cream into the face skin in circular movements.
  4. Avoid applying the night cream in areas close to the eyes (for your eyes, choose a designated eye cream), but definitely spread the cream over the area of ​​the neck and the cleavage.
  5. When finished, store the cream in a shady dry place, for example in the vanity table in the bedroom (but not in the bathroom saturated with moisture).

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