The guide for the perfect face cleansing

Clean face is the basis for healthy and beautiful skin. A special guide that prepares the skin, one phase after the other, to be as clean as it has ever been


Immaculately clean face forms the basis for beautiful and healthy face skin. But what is the perfect way to clean the face? Is it enough to settle on cleaning with the hands and the fingertips or should we choose to clean the face using a sponge or a brush to make sure the face is perfectly clean? These and other questions are answered by Stavit Sabag, the Director of Skin Care at Careline, who prepared the perfect skin cleansing guide for us.

How many times a day should the skin be cleansed?

Face skin should be cleansed at least twice a day: face skin should be cleansed in the morning, immediately after the night sleep in order to remove the fats accumulated on the skin during the night sleep. Cleansing the skin in the morning is extremely important – especially for those of us who wear makeup, as applying makeup on unclean skin will result in uneven, unaesthetic and imperfect appearance of the skin. Skin should be cleaned again in the evening, in order to remove the makeup, the smog, sweat and other dirt that sticks to the face during the day and mixed with the natural fat produced by the skin. Leaving the dirt on the skin results in blockage of the pores and does not allow the skin to breath during the night. Those of us who wear makeup – prior to applying the makeup it is recommended to remove it using a makeup remover suitable to the skin type, and using a designated eye makeup removal, and only then cleansing the skin using soap or gel.

Choosing a cleansing product. How?

As with any other care product, in the case of choosing a skin cleansing product, it is recommended to choose the cleansing product that specifically suits the skin type. The world of skin care product today offers a large selection of cleansing products for the various skin types, such that are subtle in texture and comfortable to use, for instance: a foaming gel.

The pleasant texture of the Careline foaming gel is rich in cucumber essence, and comes in a compact tube pack, combined with a unique cleansing brush for the completion of the cleansing process of the face. The product assists in the removal of dead cells and encourages the regeneration process of the skin, it refreshes the upper skin layer for bright and essential appearance of the skin and does not cause dryness. The product is suitable for the cleansing of all skin types, in the morning and the evening.

A very easy way to decide whether the product is a quality product that suits your skin is to feel the skin immediately after its cleansing and prior to applying the moisturizer. If your skin feels fresh, soft, relaxed and calm, with no uncomfortable feeling or an itch – then you know that you use the product that best suits your skin.

Cleansing the face. How?

Each one of us has her preferred way: you can clean your face with the fingertips and you can do it using a designated sponge or a special cleansing brush.

Cleansing your face with your fingertips – when you clean your face with a cleansing product and water, it is recommended to slightly massage the face in order to stimulate the blood cycle, which helps to better remove the dirt.

Cleaning your face with a sponge or a brush – when you clean your face with a designated sponge or a designated cleansing brush, it is possible to clean the face deeper and more thoroughly and so to remove any type of dirt and fat accumulated deeply into the skin pores. The cleansing brush further allows reaching any area of the face, but you must make sure that the brush fibers are gentle and do not damage the skin.

Drying the skin

After cleansing the skin it needs to be dried while gently patting the skin (not aggressive wipe), using a soft face towel. For maximum hygiene, it is possible to clean the face with absorbing paper towel, and toss it after use.

Remember to clean the neck

The neck is an inseparable part of our face skin. Therefore, it is important not to neglect it and to thoroughly clean it down to the cleavage area. However, the area of the eyes must be cleaned using only an eye makeup remover.

Using tonic water – recommended

The face cleansing can be made perfect if you complete the cleansing using toner or micellar cleansing water that assist in balancing the PH level of the skin and prepare it for applying the serum and moisturizer.  

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