Winter foundation

Why it is recommended to change your foundation in winter and what foundation should you be choosing? 

During the winter time, the skin behaves and feels different than it does in the summer time. Therefore, we ask whether it is worth replacing the foundation we use in the summer time for foundation richer in texture such that is more suitable for the winter time.

Zivit Yakir, the Makeup Director at Careline, believes that the unequivocal answer is “Yes!”. During the winter time our skin is at least one tone lighter than during the summer time, and in order to achieve the perfect look, we must choose the most accurate foundation tone for the current skin tone. In addition, it is important to choose a highly moisturizing foundation, which accurately suits the current skin tone, and it is highly recommended to choose such product that is enriched with 3 hyaluronic acids and such that is best suited for cold and dry days.”

Matching the foundation to the winter time

  1. Make sure that the foundation is of high quality and that it contains pure pigments that maintain the original shade for hours.
  2. Choose a foundation that nourishes the skin with active moisture, in addition to the desired level of coverage. Whether you choose a foundation of light coverage or full coverage, in the winter time you better choose a liquid makeup rich in active moisturizing substances to prevent excessive skin dryness.
  3. Even in the winter time, you should not give up on a foundation that contains protection factors. The air is cold and dry in the winter time but the winter sun has a harmful effect on the skin.
  4. Make sure to apply the foundation using a brush designated for that specific purpose and wash it with soap at least once a week with soap and warm water and dry it on an absorbent paper towel.
  5. To those who suffer from extremely dry skin in the winter time, it is advisable to apply a primer based on pure oils, and apply the foundation on top. The combination of the two will enrich the skin with moisture and prevent dryness.

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