Purple is the new black

How to apply stunning purple make-up? a guide with a genius tip

Purple is one of the most sensual colors – it is sexy, it is sophisticated, it is deep and those who choose to wear it deliver a message that they are dominant women with confidence and sophistication.

This winter purple is going to be seen everywhere – in the fashion collections and in the make-up collections. A quick scan of international magazines will show that they are already loaded with winter looks comprising of purplish lipsticks, such color as worn the model in the photo. On the makeup shelves of Careline, purple is this season’s perfect hit, the eye-shadow palette is full of purple colors, a matte lipstick and even lip pencils and a mascara of the warm color.

Total look: (not only) for outstanding individuals

When you wear makeup in purple shades you can choose one of two looks. The first is a purple total look that suits a bold and dominant look that no one can miss or disregard, or you can choose to emphasize one part of your face, either the lips or the eyes, using a bold purple color.

To apply makeup in one of the two ways, start by selecting a palette of shades that have a range of purple colors and choose the dominant color that suits your eyes. For example, dark shades of purple will complement blue or green eyes whereas brighter shades of purple will better complement brown eyes.

Tip: You can apply the eye-shadows individually and you can combine them and even create a smoky and dramatic look, using the darker shades of purple.

The eye makeup shall be completed with purple mascara. After finishing your eye makeup, you can apply a purple shade on your lips or leave your lips in a natural and clean look. In recent years the world of makeup has broken the rules, so you can definitely complete the total look with a purple lipstick.

Purple is everything

If you do not feel that you are bold enough to wear purple make-up, it does not necessarily mean that you have to give up the trendy hue. You can choose to use color touches on the nails with metallic or pastel purple nail polish, to replace the black mascara with a purple mascara, to use a purple-tinted lip gloss or to contour your eyes and lips with a purple lip pencil.

Zivit Yakir, the Makeup Director at Carline, reveals the well-kept secret of professional makeup artists: “A purple lip pencil can perfectly match your eye makeup and can be used without fear around the eyes because the formula is similar, it is hypoallergenic and it does not cause sensitivity in the areas of the eyes.”

Photo: Daniel Kaminsky

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