Privacy Policy

This site is owned and operated by Careline Ltd. (Herein: “The Company”).
The Company is aware of the concerns of site visitors regarding the information they provide and the use that The Company makes of the information, and therefore we have developed a privacy policy designed to address these concerns. The Company reserves the right to update the policy instructions from time to time and therefore you are requested to re-read them from time to time.
The Company policy:
On our sites, we do not collect personally identifiable information and personal information from people unless this information is provided to The Company of their own free will and with clear knowledge of its future use.
The Company recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the information and undertakes to respect and protect the privacy of the users of the site at any time. In the event that one of The Company websites contains a form for filling out personal contact information, we will collect the identification information including names, addresses and e-mail addresses, including an IP address, only when they are delivered to us by the users of the site and of their own free will (Herein: “The Personal Contact Information”).
The use of The Personal Contact Information will be for the purpose of providing the information and services you have requested. However, due to the volume of requests that The Company receives, we may provide details to companies acting on behalf of The Company and they will provide the advertising and/or commercial and/or informative information that you are interested in.
In addition, The Personal Contact Information will further be used by The Company for purposes of sales promotion and delivery of notices regarding the promotions and/or campaigns that The Company will conduct.
Use of the site:
Any user and/or surfer who is an adult and is authorized to perform legal actions (as these terms are defined in The Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law, 1962) and to an extent other than that, any user that has the consent of his or her parents and/or his or her guardians to use the site.
Contact us:
The Company will be happy to provide the users and/or surfers of the site with answers to any question regarding the privacy policy and we thank you for contacting our customer service team at 1800-221412.
The Company wishes you all a pleasant and enjoyable surfing.