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Regulations and site terms of use

Welcome to Careline (Herein: “The Company”) website.

The Company designates this website for providing informative, marketing and entertainment information for personal use only. 

From the moment you enter the site, you are required to understand and agree that the use of the site, including the content contained therein, is subject to the terms of use set forth below (Hereinafter: "Terms of Use"), all which regulate the legal relationship between The Company and the users of the site, for any purpose whatsoever.

Therefore, you are requested to read carefully the terms and conditions set forth below, as your browsing the site constitutes full agreement by you to all of the terms and conditions without any reservation or restriction on your part.

It is hereby clarified that the provisions of use do not derogate from The Company rights under any law.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the site and/or do not understand them as necessary, you are requested to immediately cease use and/or browsing the site.

It is hereby clarified that these Terms of Use constitute a binding legal agreement and will apply to any use (Hereinafter: "The User") of Careline website (Herein: "The Site") and any purchase made by you by means of The Site, including using an application and/or by phone, and constitute a binding agreement between you and Careline Ltd. (Herein: "The Site Operator"). Please read these regulations carefully and in full. 

Eligibility. The site may be used by an adult, aged 18 and over, who holds a valid form of payment. Orders cannot be made without providing credit card details or any other form of payment that will be accepted by the site operator, including payment vouchers or billing services such as PayPal, insofar as such payment is operated on the site. 

By making the purchase, you declare that the credit card through which the purchase is made is owned by you or by the corporation on behalf of which you are executing the transaction, that the card is valid and that you are authorized by law and/or agreement to execute the transaction in the relevant transaction amount and terms thereof. In the event that purchase is made using a PayPal account, you declare that the account is owned by you and that there is nothing precluded by any law from making the purchase through it. In the event that the transaction is executed by a corporation, you hereby declare that you are authorized by law and in accordance with the incorporation documents of the corporation, as well as the authorized decisions of the corporation to make the purchase.

Selling page. The site operator enables you to purchase various products and services through the site (Herein: "The Products"), in a convenient, quick, easy and attractive way. For each product or service offered for sale, a selling page is displayed including the product, sales price, product specifications, terms of payment and other relevant details (Herein: “The Selling Page").

The site offers a wide range of sales options, such as the "Daily Deal" transactions, in addition to the terms specified on the sales page. In some cases additional conditions may apply in addition to the general conditions set forth in these regulations.

Privacy. Without derogating from the privacy policy of the site, use of the site is subject to the privacy policy of the site, which comprises an integral part of these policies. Please read it carefully. It is hereby clarified that upon registering to the site, you may agree to receive various notices and notifications, including advertisements and service and system announcements from the website operator and/or anyone on its behalf. 

Customer Service. For further information regarding the site and its activities, please contact the customer service of the site operator by e-mail: [email protected], by phone: 1-800-221-512 or by fax: 09-7473233.

Products supply/delivery. The site operator will supply the products purchased on site to an address in Israel and/or to a pre-agreed collection point as provided at the time of placing the order and according to the terms of supply specified on the selling page of the products or the services. 

Date of sale completion. Only a confirmation of placing an order received by the customer via e-mail, containing the relevant order details, including the order number, the customer details and the order details, will constitute confirmation of receipt of the order at the site operator end. The date of completion of the order will appear as the date of confirmation of the order by all the following, cumulatively (a) approval of the customer's credit card company; (b) obtaining a confirmation of the availability of the product in stock; (c) approval of the operator of the site (Herein: "The Effective Date"), and all the relevant dates, including for the purpose of determining the delivery dates, shall be counted only from the effective date. Delays under customer's responsibility shall be the customer’s sole responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 of The Contracts Law (General Part), 1973.

The delivery of the products is carried out via Tapuz Delivery Service and delivered to the address provided by the customer at the time of placing the order.

Delivery of products to the customer's home via the delivery service will be in accordance with the conditions of the delivery company or subject to its areas of distribution.

Supply and delivery to restricted areas. In areas that are restricted for security reasons as such will be defined from time to time by the defense system and/or the enforcement authorities, the site operator and/or the suppliers will be entitled to supply the products to customers in a nearby acceptable location, which will be coordinated with them in advance.

Calculation of deadlines. The times of delivery of the products/services as listed on the selling pages include only the calculation of business days (Sundays through Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays) from the date of completion of the order as defined above.

Identity verification or request for additional details. The website operator and/or the suppliers and/or their representatives may at any time require additional details or proofs (such as ID presentation) regarding the user and/or the credit card holder used for the order, including for the purpose of identification and/or obtaining the signature of the credit card holder on top of a voucher as a condition for delivery of the product.

Delay in delivery. The site operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf are not liable before the customer for delay that does not exceed 3 business days from that date on which customer gave notice of delay in receipt of the product or service. Notice of delay shall be given to the site operator by the customer within a reasonable period of time, and in any case no later than 11 hours after the fixed date for supply as shown on the product page. In the event that a customer fails to inform the site operator of the delay in receiving the product within a reasonable period of time from the fixed supply date on the sales page of that product, the customer will be deemed to have received the product. The Client hereby waives any claim, suit and/or demand of any kind or type against the site operator in respect of the failure to deliver the product and/or late supply thereof.

Violations and reliefs. It is agreed that the site's registrations and the operating systems of the site operator constitute an institutional record as defined in the Evidence Ordinance (New Version), 1971, and will constitute absolute proof of the correctness of what is stated therein. The site operator shall be allowed, but not obliged, to enforce the instructions for use of the site and to act in any case where a reasonable concern is raised for violation thereof by any user or third party. In cases of offensive content that violates the rights of third parties or otherwise invalid, the site operator will follow the "notice and removal" procedure and will remove the infringing content within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of the notice.

The contents of the site shall not be copied. Among other things, and without derogating from the provisions of any law, it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or otherwise use the contents appearing on the site, unless the site operator has given its consent in writing and in advance.

The rights of third parties should not be infringed. It is strictly forbidden to copy and/or publish images and/or trademarks and or specifications and/or videos from the site and/or on the site without prior written permission from the site operator or the appropriate rights holder. The site operator may apply a notice and removal procedure in any case of suspected infringement of the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks and any other right, at its sole discretion. Each party shall be responsible for its actions and omissions, including in connection with the contents published by it. The site operator shall not be liable for third party violations.

Exploitation of rights against the responsible party. In the event of any breach or injury by users, suppliers or third parties, the site operator may transfer to the injured party the details of the party allegedly responsible for the offending and/or infringing publication (Herein: "The Responsible Party"), at its sole discretion, and no claim shall be raised against it on behalf of The Responsible Party, including due to the providing of such details as aforesaid, as well as by the allegedly injured party, including in connection with any cause and/or claim and/or demand which is evident on its face that it is the result of an act or omission of a third party. The alleged injured party shall not take legal actions in such aforesaid cases against the site operator at least as long as the proceedings exhausted against the allegedly responsible party.

Conduct instructions. Without derogating from any other provision, the following provisions shall apply to any user, including a supplier, as well as a product or service on The Site:

  • Users are committed to provide fair and accurate information. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is clarified that the furnishing of false information is a criminal offense.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from using offensive, blunt, obscene language and/or content, such that may be insulting and/or defaming and/or potentially violating any provision of any law. A user who violates this section shall indemnify the site operator immediately upon its first demand, including in respect of any demand, claim or request that will be addressed to it by any third party.
  • Without derogating from the aforesaid, the site operator may, but is not obligated, to take all legal measures at its disposal against users who violate the provisions of any law and/or the provisions of these regulations. In the event of such violation, the site operator may immediately remove any user and/or content and/or product from the site and/or to transfer the user's information to any statutory authority and/or to any other party and/or take any other measure that is required under the circumstances at the sole discretion of the site operator.
  • It is hereby clarified that the site operator may edit and/or amend and/or add and/or omit and/or not to weigh and/or not display any content item or part of it at all, without being obliged to give notice in advance or in retrospect.

The site operator may publish on site or by any other means of media, the contents and/or part of them, including user feedback data or any part of them and/or use them for any other purpose, including publishing of the site, and the users will not have any claim against such advertising.

  • The site operator has no way of tracing the identity of the site users and their motives, and the site operator shall not be liable in connection with them. The exclusive and exhaustive responsibility of the site operator with regard to suppliers shall be for the delivery of their details and upon delivery of such details it shall be released from any other obligation, and the user shall be deemed to have exercised his rights to the site operator in that matter.
  • Presentation of content on the site, including user feedback or processing of the uploaded data, should not be deemed as an opinion and/or a recommendation and/or expression of opinion and/or encouragement by the site operator with respect to suppliers and/or products and/or services with respect of which they are presented, and they should not be relied upon.
  • In general, the site operator may display the contents or some of them automatically. All content is presented as-is, without verifying their truthfulness and/or accuracy. The site operator shall not be liable for any kind of direct or indirect damages to any party, including users, as a result of and/or in connection with the content.

The site operator is allowed to annul any order and/or prevent a user or a supplier from participating in sales through the website, by means of blocking thereof, including in any of the following cases, a list of which is not exhausting: 

  • The person who performed the operation has committed an illegal act and/or violated the provisions of the law;
  • The person who performed the operation violated one regulation of the regulations;
  • The person who performed the operation provided misleading information at the time of registration and/or thereafter, in writing or by telephone;
  • The person who performed the operation committed an act or omission that could harm the site operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or the intact operation of the site and/or any of the suppliers and/or any third party;
  • The person who performed the operation intends to resell the product or service which he will win to a third party and/or trade it;
  • In case of an unusual and clear error in the description of the product, whether in the price of the product or in the description of the product;

A notice regarding the order may be given to the customer by phone and/or in writing to the e-mail address as provided in the customer’s card. 

Customer protection / cancellation of transaction / sale and/or failure to charge

  • A customer may cancel an order only in accordance with the provisions of The Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (Herein: "The Consumer Protection Law") and the regulations enacted thereunder.
  • Dates for giving notice of cancellation. For convenience purposes only, here are the terms for canceling an order in a remote purchasing transaction. The conditions that govern are the provisions of the Law and the regulations as they shall be from time to time.

Upon purchasing a product – up to four days from the receipt of the product;

A user who received the product will return it to a supplier whose details will be provided to him by the site operator at his place of business, at the expense of the user. A user who requests that the product be collected from the place where it was delivered to him or any other place, subject to the approval of the site operator, shall bear the cost of shipping fees for such delivery.

The product must be sent with the receipt for the purchase, the customer name and order number to our address: 

Carline Customer Service, 8 HaHaresh Street, Neve Ne'eman Industrial Area, Hod Hasharon.

Order cancellation. Cancellation of the order will be made via the site operator only in writing, by telephone number 1-800-221-412 or by sending a message to the site operator customer service from the customer's card page on the site.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

General Limitation of liability. The site operator will not be responsible for any damage caused in connection or following the use of the site, including for any act and/or omission of the relevant product supplier, the product or the service.

The site operator shall not bear any such responsibility or liability except as expressly provided in this agreement and in accordance with the unconditional provisions of the law.

The liability of the site operator, in any case, shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law. Nothing in the aforesaid shall derogate from any binding statutory provision, including the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

  • Absence of responsibility for actions contrary to the law. The site operator shall not bear any responsibility for any illegal activity carried out by the site surfers throughout sales by means thereof or for any other party.

Limitation of liability. Without derogating from any other provision, any liability and/or responsibility on the part of the site operator will be, in any case, limited to proven and direct damages alone, and shall not exceed one-fifth (20%) of the amount actually paid by the customer for the product or service (Hereinafter: “The Consideration”), or the full amount of the consideration (100%) in the event that the site operator is the supplier of the product or the service.

Cancellation of a transaction is an exhaustive and final remedy. The exclusive and exhaustive remedy that the user will have in the event of a fundamental breach of any undertaking to order a product or service will be the cancellation of an order, and the user will have no further claims against the supplier or against the site operator.

Absence of responsibility in the event of a clear error. In the event that an unusual and obvious error is made in the description of any product or service, such as price specified in Agorot rather than in Shekels, then such error will not bind the site operator. The product images on the site are intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the images presented on site, some of them or all of them, and the products actually sold.

Absence of responsibility for indirect or special damages of any kind. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the site operator and/or anyone acting on its behalf will be responsible solely for direct and tangible damages caused to the user or to a third party as a result of use or purchase through the site, and will not bear any indirect, consequential or special damage, including loss of income and/or prevention of profit caused for any reason whatsoever.

Products and services under the responsibility of the site operator. In cases where it is explicitly stated on the product page that the site operator is also the supplier of the products, the site operator will be subject to the obligations required and which normally apply to a producer or importer, as applicable. In such case, the provisions of the last part of section 5.2 above shall apply.

Disclaimer of absolute responsibility in connection with the activity of the site. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the service on the site is provided without any representation or implied warranties, as is. The user or the person who performed the operation shall have no claim, suit or demand against the site operator for the features of the service, its characteristics, limitations or suitability to its needs and requirements.

The site privacy policy of the site is an integral part of the regulations.

Privacy policy. The site operator undertakes not to abuse the information without the consent of the user, unless required by law, in order to prevent misuse or in order to protect its rights. The site operator will allow access to information only to those employees who need information to provide the service.

Information. Information regarding a particular user or in general will include, inter alia, all the details such user has provided, directly or indirectly, to the site operator at the time of registration to the site and/or thereafter and/or details related to and/or arising from the user’s activity on the site, including information collected about the user and his activities during browsing and performing operations on the site.

Saving and transferring information. The user is aware and the user hereby agrees that any information about it will be kept in the site operator database, including database number 355183.

Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, by registration to the website, the user authorizes the site operator to store such information and to transfer, as required, such information to related parties, including companies held by the site operator (subsidiaries) and/ or such owning the site operator (parent company), and/ or held by same owners (sister companies) and/or any company connected with the site operator in a business activity or otherwise, all, solely or with others (Herein: "Related Parties").

Consent to receive advertising. At the time of providing the user details, including registering to the site and/or providing the e-mail address and/or at the time of placing the order, the user agrees and authorizes the site operator and/or related parties to send to the user, by any means of communication and at its discretion notices of any kind in connection with its activity and/or the activity of the site and/or the activity of other sites of the site operator group, including sites operated and/or managed by the site operator and/or related parties, including offers to purchase a product or a service and/or promotional mail of any kind and/or system announcements and/or other messages to customers.

Request for removal under the Communications Law: you may, at any time, request to be removed from the mailing list of the site operator, including by clicking on the removal link at the bottom of any e-mail sent to you by the site operator, in which case you will not be sent messages constituting anything advertised as defined in the law.

Request for removal under the Protection of Privacy Law: alternatively, you may request your deletion from the site operator database, in which case all the records pertaining to you will be deleted except for the deletion request itself and data about actions performed by you on the site, including orders.

The user name and password must be kept confidential. The user name and personal password are intended for personal use only. In no case shall the operator of the website be liable for any infringement of privacy or any other damage arising from unauthorized use of the user name and personal login.

Permission to transfer user information to third parties. The user hereby authorizes the site operator to transfer its details to third parties, including to related parties, as defined above, inter alia, for the purpose of providing the services, as well as to the delivery company and/or suppliers of the products and/or similar service providers and/or similar service providers, including for the purpose of supplying the product or the service ordered on the site, offering of related products and services and/or advertisement and/or other services. 

Transfer of information without identifying details. The site operator will be entitled to use the details provided for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and submission thereof to related parties and to any other entity for the purpose of examining the number of visitors on the site, segmentation of purchasing habits, generic segmentation, matching advertisements according to browsing preferences and any other purpose, among others, in order to improve the operation of the site and the services offered thereon. In such case, the data will be anonymous and will not relate to you personally or identify you, and you will be able to make any use of the information, and transfer it without limitation.

Use of cookies. The site operator may use cookies, small text files stored on the user's hard drive, including in order to provide you with fast and efficient service and spare you the need to insert your personal information whenever you enter the site. You can adjust your browser software so that cookies are not stored or alternatively – be deleted.

Completing feedback and system messages. The system operator may, but is not obliged, at its sole discretion, send system messages to any user, including feedback questionnaires in which the user will be asked to express his opinion about the sale process, the supplier, the product or service purchased by him and rank them accordingly (Herein: "The Feedbacks"). In general, processing of The Feedbacks data will be automatically performed by means of a computerized system, except with respect to text data that will be written and added by the user. The user expressly agrees to receive system messages, feedbacks and service or other messages, even after being removed from the mailing list for advertising.

Collection of location data when using a mobile application. The site operator may collect data based on the location of the user. The user authorizes the site operator to collect its location data and to use the location data in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and the privacy policy, including its transfer to related parties. The location function can be turned off on the cellular device, thus preventing the site operator from collecting the information as stated in this section.

The applicable law. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be carried out in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and shall be clarified if necessary in the competent courts in each district cities of the courts in the Tel Aviv or center Districts.

Here are instructions regarding the terms of use of the site:

The company is proud to present to you the company websites that contain informative, advertisement and commercial information about The Company products, information uploaded by the users, links to the various sites of The Company and registration to The Company customer database.

It should be emphasized that the terms of use of the site are phrased in the masculine form for convenience purposes only, and they include the feminine form, all according to the context and vice versa.

Ownership and use of the site: 

The ownership of this site and the ownership of the information and the content therein are owned by The Company. The Company allows users of the site to use the site in accordance with the conditions set out below. The Company prohibits any other use of the information and content appearing on the site, unless The Company has expressly consented to such use in writing.

Use of the site is for private and personal purposes only. You may not copy and/or duplicate and/or use the site in any other manner, including through other internet sites for purposes other than personal, private, non-commercial and/or public that is not for personal use (Herein: “Personal Use”).

You may download to your personal computer material and/or content displayed on the site solely for non-commercial purposes and as aforesaid for your personal use only, subject to copyright and/or any other rights contained in the material and/or content appearing on the site. However, you are prohibited to redistribute and/or to modify and/or transmit for reuse and/or post and/or use the site, including the text, audio, video and graphics therein for commercial purposes and/or for any other purpose not for personal use only.

It is strictly prohibited to activate any computer application and/or any other computer means and/or information retrieval of information and/or other content from the site. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use any means to create a compilation, collection and/or any other database that will contain and/or concentrate and/or refer to the content from the site.

In addition to the aforesaid, you undertake that by using the site, you will not take any action that contradicts the provisions of the Israeli law and/or any foreign law, including the distribution of false and/or misleading information, distribution of spam, as stated in the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasts) (Hereinafter: "The Communications Law") to the site servers and/or uploading illegal information to the site, including the use of hostile and/or malicious software and/or uploading any other material that constitutes and/or may constitute a criminal offense. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to include any content that comprises or may constitute defamation of any person and/or company and/or any other publication of which is prohibited and/or information and/or content that may incite to racism and/or to harming any entity and/or any other person.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that The Company shall not bear any responsibility for any damage caused and/or may to be caused as a result of the use of the site. You are aware that by choosing to use and/or browse the site, you bear full and exclusive responsibility and undertake to indemnify and compensate The Company for any damage caused by you.

In addition, The Company is not liable for the fact that this site and/or the server that provides access to the site is free from "computer virus" and/or other malware that may cause damage to users.

Information regarding company products: 

The site publishes various contents intended to give site users and company consumers explanations and instructions regarding the use of products and other information that was provided to The Company by the sub-suppliers of the products.

3. The Company invests considerable effort in order to be precise in the details of the information published. However, it is possible that errors and/or inaccuracies in good faith occurre, as well as disruptions and/or inaccuracies. It is also possible that the contents will be up-to-date as at the date of their publication only and will change thereafter. Therefore, please make sure that you check the original publication date of the relevant content and do not rely on the content of a material matter unless you have checked them directly with The Company representative and/or independently.

Commercial information published on the website:

In order to provide the site users and The Company consumers with as broad information as possible, various professional articles and useful tips are published on The Company website for the use of The Company products. It should be clarified that these articles and the information published in this matter should not be regarded as a professional opinion or recommendation of The Company. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the users of the site and/or any other person on their behalf shall not have any claim and/or demand and/or suit and/or any other right against The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf due to the content of the articles being published and/or recommendations appearing on the site.

5. Any transaction made as a result of the commercial content published on the site will be your sole responsibility and The Company will not be responsible for the truth of the information or the content and/or the ability to succeed in using the products in light of the information or content published on the site.

6. If The Company decides to employ you, none of the materials contained on this site shall be part of the employment agreement.

7. It is hereby clarified that The Company decisions to publish commercial and/or professional content will be in accordance with its sole discretion.

Posting information on the site by users and / or surfers:

8. The Company website publishes and/or may publish various contents originating from the users of the site. The Company is interested in holding a fruitful and productive discussion on the site. However, The Company will not allow any misuse and/or misleading and/or illegal expression of the site and it reserves the right to refuse to publish and/or delete and/or edit and/or modify, in the circumstances specified above, any content that it deems fit to do so at its sole discretion.

9. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that The Company did not examine all the information and/or content published on the site, including the linked pages, and is not responsible for the information provided on the pages and/or the information added and therefore The Company is not responsible for the credibility, truthfulness and preciseness of things, and The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of any type of use and/or reliance on the material and/or information published on the site.

10. In addition, it should be stressed that when posting and/or publishing on the site, you are fully responsible for any result of the publication and you must ensure that the information and/or content is legal and respectful to the other users of the site. Therefore, before publishing information on the website, it is recommended that you review the importance of the information and/or the content to be published, as well as its legal implications for The Company and any other third party.

Link from the site to other sites: 

11. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that The Company has not checked all pages linked to the site, and is not responsible for the imported pages added to the site and/or other sites linked to the site. Your connection to sites added to the site and/or any other linked site is at your own risk and The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused as a result thereof.

Information services and registration for the customer database:

12. By using the site, you will benefit from pre-registration services. Once you have completed your registration, you will be able to enjoy any such service. Registration to the site includes only the details of the personal address and the means of communication: name + surname, home address, telephone and e-mail address. If you provide incorrect and/or misleading information, and The Company will not be able to contact you, it reserves the right to prevent you from using the site services.

13. It shall further be stressed, if you choose to subscribe to the site services, you hereby give your consent to be included in the database in accordance with the Engagement Law, which will be managed and/or is managed by The Company, in accordance with the privacy laws recognized in the State of Israel, as well as your consent to be sent professional information including notices and various proposals. This material will be sent to the e-mail address you inserted when registering for the site. If you do not wish to continue to receive the material as stated above, you may at any time contact The Company and request to be removed from The Company database by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-221-412 or by e-mail at [email protected]

14. After registration, The Company shall be entitled to make use of the information provided, whether by itself or by anyone acting on its behalf, including but not limited to various commercial, advertising, statistical and marketing purposes, but such use shall be based on the information as one unit and shall comply with the provisions of the Law.

15. In case of any change in your personal details, please update The Company.

16. It is hereby clarified that The Company reserves the right not to allow you to use the site services and/or to cancel your registration and/or to block your access to it, at its sole discretion and under the appropriate circumstances.

17. It is hereby clarified that consent to the terms of these regulation is not intended to form any kind of partnership between the parties and/or employer-employee relations and/or agent relations and/or any agency and/or representation relations. In the event that a provision of these terms and conditions is unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law or court ruling or court decision, this does not nullify the contents of the provision, but the contents of the provision shall be modified by the judicial body to reflect to the maximum extent the original intent of the parties expressed in the original provision.

Site copyright:

18. The copyright of the information and the content appearing on the site including the trademarks are owned by The Company and/or by another third party. Use of this information and/or content by anyone on your behalf and with your permission is prohibited, unless explicit written permission is given by The Company or elsewhere on the site.

19. If and to the extent that such consent is given, you must refrain from removing and/or altering and/or disrupting the copyright of the information and/or content transferred to you.

20. Any unauthorized and/or illegal use of the information or content may violate copyright laws, trademarks, designs, privacy protection laws, and other relevant laws and regulations. It should be clarified that The Company will use all the means at its disposal, within the framework of the law, in order to strictly protect its proprietary rights, including recourse to legal instances as required.

21. All messages and/or contents that you submit for publication on the site, including but not limited to invited ideas, uninvited ideas, proposals and/or materials, shall remain the sole and proprietary property of The Company, and The Company may use them for any purpose, at no charge.

22. In addition to the above, it is emphasized that any material that you send and/or upload to the site by e-mail and/or in any other way, including data, questions, comments, responses, suggestions, ideas, etc., will be considered and treated as non-confidential material and not owned by the surfer. The Company shall be entitled to use the material transferred for any purpose and may also use any idea, knowledge agreement and anything else for any purpose, including the realization, development, sale and/or distribution of the ideas.

23. If you are not the creator and/or the owner of the rights to the information and/or the content that you submit for publication on the site, you must notify The Company in advance and/or receive the approval of the owner of the rights before giving the information for publication.

Company liability: 

24. The use and browsing on the site is at your sole risk and The Company and/or any other party involved in the site are not responsible for any direct and/or indirect, consequential and/or incidental damages resulting from the use and/or access to the site, and your lack of ability to enter the site and/or use it and/or your reliance on the site and/or the content contained therein, and without limiting the foregoing, you agree that anything posted on the site is provided to you as is.

25. The Company does not undertake that all publications and/or comments published on the site will be responded on its part, and The Company shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any result deriving from the said contents or the reliance thereon.

26. In addition, The Company will not be liable and/or responsible for updating the content and/or information on the site and will not be responsible for failure to update the information and/or the content, including any error and/or omission that is published on the site and therefore your claim of any kind against The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf will not be heard.

27. For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be clarified that you and any other user of the site shall have no claim and/or demand and/or suit and/or any other right against The Company or anyone acting on its behalf arising from circumstances beyond its control, and which cannot be foreseen.

General provisions: 

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