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Nail Primer

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Nail Primer

Smoothing base for filling the nail surface

Smoothing base for filling the nail surface and removal of flaws such as lack of unity in texture, white or yellow spots on the nail or wavy growth. Suitable for use directly on the nail, giving it perfect and healthy appearance, or as base for smooth and uniform color nail polish. Gives the nail a matt pinkish shade.

Instructions for use: spread a uniform layer on clean nails and wait for total dry.

In cases of deep faults, spread 2-3 layers. For removal: use a cotton wool soaked in regular nail polish remover and remove.


  • Immediately smooths the nail surface
  • Suitable for use without applying color nail polish
  • Assist in protecting and strengthening of the nail surface
  • Gives pinkish and healthy appearance immediately after application
  • Used as base for strengthening the nail polish durability
  • Easy removal using a regular nail polish removal

Contents: 15 ml

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