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Perfect Care Pure C

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Clarifying cream for age spots, pigmentation and skin blemishes / for all skin types

Pure C – Dark Spot Corrector

An effective clarifying cream for reduction of pigmentation spots and balancing uneven skin tone

Careline’s clarifying cream is based on high concentration of vitamin C, which has been proven in clinical tests to be an effective vitamin in clarifying pigmentation spots, eliminating aging spots and encouraging the restoration of the cells for making the skin appear brighter and with uniform tone. The cream clarifies spots caused as a result of aging, sun exposure, or hormonal changes.

Main components:

Pure vitamin C – a concentration of 5%, assists in clarifying the skin spots to create a uniform skin tone and encourages the formation of new skin cells and acts as an antioxidant against free radicals.

Whitening Complex Far East – an extract extracted from plants in East Asia. Assists in prevention and dramatically reducing the appearance of uneven, pigmented skin.

Lemon extract – assists in clarifying the skin’s imperfections.

Vitamin E – an anti-oxidant that helps in the clarification process and moisturizes the skin.

Moisturizing ingredients – increase the natural moisture level of the skin and provide elasticity to the skin.

Soft Focus – particles that break beams of light and create an optical illusion that eliminates wrinkles and gives the skin a uniform, glowing appearance.


  • 4 weeks into using the cream, the cream clarifies the skin spots and the unevenness of the skin.
  • 8 weeks into using the cream, the cream visibly reduces the intensity of the spot and its size.
  • Pleasant to apply and non-oily.
  • Refreshes the appearance of the skin after first application.

Instructions for use:

On clean facial skin, apply the cream on a specific spot and massage until fully absorbed. The cream can also be applied on the entire face and neck to achieve a brighter and more uniform appearance of the skin. Use of the cream over time will give better results. Throughout the use, it is recommended to use Careline’s moisturizer with sunscreen.

Contents: 50 ml

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