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Eye Shadow spreading Brush

The Brushes
Eye Shadow spreading Brush

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Eye Shadow spreading Brush No. 7

The Brushes

Brush for professional and accurate appliance of eye makeup

Brush with a round tip for applying eye-shadows. Made of quality and extremely soft synthetic fibers that are soft on the eyelid, allowing homogenous spreading of the powder. The unique head structure of the brush allows dissolving of shades and effacement of the lines between them, until a homogenous appearance is obtained on the entire eyelid. In addition, the brush is ideal for creating deep look on the eyelid.

Instructions for use:

  • Dissolving of sharp lines: after appliance of the eye-shadow on the eyelid (brush No. 4), efface the eye-shadow connecting lines with a clean brush. In order to create a deep look, apply a small portion of a darker eye-shadow and spread onto the eye fold.
  • Dissolving of shades: in order to combine the shades, assume a portion of the dark shade and spread softly on the external angle of the eye, until shades are dissolved into one another.
  • Dissolving of the bottom line: using the head of the brush, assume a portion of the eye-shadow and efface on the bottom eyelashes line.

Product is not made on animal hair

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